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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The story inside the book, part 3

 Today we are  making something that can be sold in  " au bonheur des dames " Bath salts used to be a much appreciated gift in my family so I wanted to try and make some of those.  I had some pretty big bottles and I felt they were just right for storing bath salts that would be sold in smaller containers later.

Bath salt is very easy to make in miniature . It all starts with some sea salt or rock salt.  Just a little makes a whole lot of bath salt. It will be a good idea not to use the bigger pieces for they will look very  big in 12 th scale .

Then ofcourse you want your salt to have a pretty color.   For me this very easy method works very well .

Put the salt in a small container and grate a little bit of chalk or oil pastel over the salt.  I just used my exacto knife to do this.

Just give them whole thing a real  good stir  using a dry brush till your salt is  a nice color. You can add more color if you want to by adding some more chalk or pastel .

Here are some of the bath salts I made. They look pretty in glass bottles . Using one colour is nice but layering different colours looks smashing too. Add a nice label if you like and you are done.

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