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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The story inside the book, final chapter

 Today we are going to make some more items to stock up the shop with.

Have you ever notice how much erasers look like soap ?? Check the pictures below to find out how easy it is to make erasor soaps.

Adding a nice label and wrapping them in a piece of tissue paper or ribbon adds a really nice touch,
You can cut any shape you like from  your erasors

On the shelves there are several different kinds of erasor soaps. They are also perfect to use when you want to make mini soap chains. They are bascially soap on a rope with some embellishments added. A lot of fun to make both in full scale and in miniature.

Beads of course make perfect bottles in all shapes size and colors. I love adding tiny stick on rhine stones for bottle caps.

But do not despair if you do not have any beads around. Just get out the erasors and your knife again and you will find that you can make very lovely and easy bottles with those as well .

Here you go pretty bottles and soaps , all made ouf of erasors.

It is lovely to create  a set of toilettries in matching colors. This lavender set was made out of erasors and different kinds of beads.

Showing them on the shelves . The green set was made from a kit sold by the others are all my erasors and bead creations.

Hope this will inspire you.


  1. Thank you for sharing, I will be looking out for the erasers to try this. Where can I find the labels ?

  2. Try Pinterest. They have tons of them that you can print and cut out.