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Saturday, February 28, 2015

My pincushion doll .

Once upon a  time I saw photos of  antique and vinatage  pincushion dolls and  I just fell in love with them and  knew I had to have one.  Sadly they were way beyond my budget so I started looking for a pattern to make one myself.. I was not very succesful but I did realise that I could perhaps do one in crochet .  And when I think crochet it is usually mini crochet.

I am still pretty pleased with the pattern I designed and the way it turned out. She really looks well standing on the table next to the sewing basket., does not she ?

American Miniaturist did publish my pattern for this little darling in issue 81. So if you want to make one yourself  try contacting them for a back issue.  She is done in tatting thread and I used a 0,60 cm crochet hook.

In this photo she is standing next to my crochet hook and the  ball of thread I used.

Yes I did make the tiny pins with the colored heads too.

 And here she is at work !