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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pattern problem leads to long lasting friendship.

 My Version  of the hammock

Miniatures can bring you many things that enrich your life, even a very dear friend. In August 2006  American Miniaturist published an article about my pattern for a crochet hammock.

A little while later I recieved an email from Canada from a lady called Phyllis who had some problems with the pattern. I sent her an email trying to help her as well as I could and guess what ?

Phyllis and I have become  great friends , ever since that first email we keep in touch most days. We talk about minis , our daily life and whatever else comes up. She has been a big help and a big inspiriation , her parcels of wonderful things for me to play with are always a delight. She even sends me home made christmas cake !

And all that because of a 12 th scale crochet hammock ! Thanks Phyllis you are a rare gem !

Hamock by Phillis.