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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make over for baby .

This poor nekkid baby had been laying in a box for a very long time.  I did not know how to dress him because on of his arms is one part with his body.

I read an article about swaddling babies becoming popular again. That inspired me to swaddle that poor baby up.

Step 1 : Find a plastic or fabric leaf that is big enough to wrap the baby in. Mine is plastic.

Wrap the leave around the baby till you are happy with the look. Glue in place with a suitable glue.

Wrap a few rubber bands around the leaf and leave to dry.

Remove the rubber bands and replace with some thin wire for a more decorative way to keep it all in place.

I used dried lichen ( dried it in the oven to get rid of any critters etc) for hair and some moss and and dried flowers for decoration.

I just happened to have a chestnut in its shell on my table. I felt it made a really nice bed for my little baby.

Since I made this, the chestnut  has totally dried and the bed  looks different but still lovely I think. And anway who would harm a baby in a bed like this ?

An article about this project with more details was published in American Miniaturist Magazine.

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