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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Marianne's hat .

This mini hat is a copy of a straw hat I have in full size.
To get the effect of the very fine straw that was used for the real hat , I had to use very thin thread and a fine crochet hook

The pattern of the hat is pretty simple it is the shaping which  really makes this hat into the  cloche hat I wanted to create.

What you will need to create Marianne's cloche hat.

*DMC tatting thread no 80 ( fil dentelles) in a straw color
*Crochet hook 0,60 mm 
*Fine needle to weave in lose ends
*Fabric Stiffener. You can use ready made Stiffy, a mix of 2 parts water and 1 part white glue or even Fray check. 
* A former. I used the top of my nail polish bottle 
*cling film to wrap round the hat former

Optional trimmings:
Ribbon , DMC tatting thread for your flower, no hole pearls.


Stitches uses 
sc = single crochet
dc= double crochet
st= stitch
sl st= slip stitch
hdc= half  double crochet.

To start : Chain3, work 14 dc in the first chain and close into a circle.

Round 1 : Chain3, 2 dc in every st using only the back loop ( the one farthest away from you of the two loops on top of every stitch) and close round with a slip st.

Round 2: Mark beginning of round with a different colored thread. Do not close rounds from now on but work in spirals. * 1sc in next back loop, 2 sc in next back loop* , repeat from * to*

Round 3: 1 sc in every back loop

Round 4 -8 : repeat row 3.

Row 9: *  1 sc in 10 back loops, crochet  next 2 sc together.* Repeat from * to *

Round 10 : 1 sc in every back loop

Round 11: 1 sc in every back loop.

Round 12: * 1 sc in 12 back loops, 2 sc in next back loop* repeat from * to *

Round 13 -14 : 1 sc in every back loop.

Round 15 : Work 1 sc in every back loop and try to work them a bit loose. This will give a little stretch to the  rim of the brim of the hat. 

Weave in all lose ends. Dampen your hat with water and pull over the former, making sure the crown of the hat is rounded and the brim hangs slightly downwards. This is called a cloche shape.

Leave to dry overnight and when dry paint with your choice of fabric stiffener, making sure  you keep the hat in shape . Leave to dry again on the former.

Trimming the hat. 
My full scale hat has a large paper ribbon flower  that I love so I tried to imitate it in crochet. 

Round1: Chain 2, work 6 sc into the first chain, join with a sl. stitch in front loop only.. Work in rounds.

Round 2: Use only the front loops ( the ones closest to you on top of your crochet. * chain 4, sc in 2nd chain from hook, 1 hdc in next chain, 1sc in the next chain, sl. st. in next front loop * repeat from * to *.

Row 3:  Work in the 6 back loops you did not use in the last round. In each back loop work : chain 6, 1 sc in second chain from hook, 3  hdc in each of the next 3 chains, 1 sc into the next chain, sl st. in the next back loop. Join round with a slip stitch and finish off.

Stiffen the flower into a nice shape using fabric stiffener making sure you leave a center to fill with pearls later.  Wrap the ribbon around the hat and create two loops to the right hand side at the front. First a small loop and then top it with a big one pointing slightly upwards.  Attach to hat using glue.

Glue the flower on top of the ribbon loops and fill the center with no hole pearls. Also add some pearls to the ribbon loops.

All done Marianne's hat is finished.