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Monday, May 23, 2016

Some fun for the garden

Even though it is raining cats and dogs  today. I still made something for the garden..........well the mini garden that is.

Can you believe this lovely little garden fairy was once a cheap rubber doll ?

Other than the doll your will need some bunca and Tackly glue. Scissors and a bit of patience come in handy too. . You can add some little decorations like I did :  some plastic berries, flowers and  a sequin for a butterfly.
And you will need grey and white paint.

To "dress"the baby : unravel a length of bunca and  wrap and glue bunca where you want the clothes to be. Do not use too much glue or you will lose the fluffyness.

Leave to dry very well, preferably overnight.

Glue on any decorations you want to use. I found a rejected crochet hat that looks pretty good.  Note to self : Remember to never through anything away LOL

Paint the whole ensemble with grey paint and leave to dry. Dry brush with grey paint mixed with white and leave to dry. For a final touch dry brush with white paint. This will add a bit of depth and texture.

I was pretty pleased with her so I made two more in the same way.
 Now all I need is a garden for them to go in .LOL

Hope you will like them.