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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Button cakes

Button cakes 
So much fun to make and so very easy.

  The ingredients are very simple :

Some pretty buttons with a flat back,

 Acrylic paint in a nice pastry color

  Window color ( glass )  paint to add a nice finish. Brown glass paint is perfect for this.

I have tried the stuff from the dollar store as well as  Window Color by Plaid.  The Plaid gives a somewhat better result but if you are only going to make like one or two cakes the cheap stuff is fine.

Select a nice button and paint with the acrylic paint. Leave to dry.

If you feel the cake is too thin/flat you can glue a wood disk or a ring or something to the back to make it look better. Do not forget to paint this too.

Paint the raised areas with some glass paint to  add a nice shine and more definition to your cake. Hide the holes in the middle under some fruit or cream. I used some Aleene's  True snow for the cream.

The flower shaped  cake    use the button at the  top left in photo )

To make this pretty cake you will need the same ingredients as before plus  :
Some red no hole beads and red glass paint.

Make the cake as before and when the glass paint has dried fill paint the holes in the cake with some red glass paint. Sprinkle some red no hole beads on top. Leave to dry. Finish with a little dab of glass paint ( red!) on top of the beads for the final effect.


  1. Your cakes/pastries look so good.

  2. Your cakes look wonderful and a fantastic idea you would never think they were buttons.
    Hugs Maria

  3. You are very creative! Your cakes came out very well & realistic looking.

  4. You are very creative! Your cakes came out very well & realistic looking.

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments. I will be showing new cakes soon.