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Friday, October 14, 2016

Yummie no clay cream puffs

Cream Puffs.
Lovely choux pastry shells filled with cream.

Ingredients  :
Styrofoam balls about 1 cm diameter.

Oil pastels in a pastry colour. They can be replaced by chalks or watercolors but I think the  oil pastels give the best result. If you are worried that the pastels or chalks will come off , dab a little bit of  Mod Podge on your balls or spray them lightly with hairspray.

Aleene's true snow for the cream . Instead you could try caulking or 3 dimensional paint.

Talcum powder.

Other things you will need :
Craft knife
Piece of card and double sided sticky tape.

Colour your balls by rubbing them with the  oil pastels till they are a nice puff pastry colour. Or use chalks or water colours instead.

Put a piece of double sided sticky tape to your card. This will make it a lot easier to keep your puffs in place when you are working on them.
Cut the foam balls in half and place all the halves on top of the sticky tape.

Paint one half of the balls with a thick layer of Aleene's true snow. These will be the bottoms of your cream puffs.
Place the top halves directly on top of the cream and leave to set.

You can then decorate the top of the cream puffs with more cream or  add  a dusting of talcum powder as icing sugar.

A typical Dutch variation are cream puffs with chocolate on top .  They are called  chocolate balls.
Often there is cream on top of the chocolate.  Acrylic paint will work brilliantly as chocolate.

For a nice variation you can add slices of fruit to the filling.  You can use slices of nail art canes or beads or no hole beads for the fruit.

Place the fruit on top of the cream on the bottom parts of your cream puffs and leave to set.
When the fruit is firmly stuck into place you can either add more cream and place the top of the puffs on top or leave them as they are.

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