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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Profiteroles. Mini cream puffs

The mini version of the cream puffs we did before.

 Are usually served as a dessert with ( hot)  chocolate or caramel sauce.  They  are just  mini versions of the cream puffs.

  You will need the same ingredients but the size of the foam balls should be a lot smaller of course.  I found bags of different sizes of really tiny foam balls at a dollar store.

If you are making a ton of profiteroles colouring each one will be a bit of a hassle. I put mine in a small container and scrape a little bit off my oil pastel to go   into the container as well. I use a brush to move the foam balls around till they have a nice colour.

You can make them in the same way as the   cream puffs  but   the sticky tape will be really important to keep them from flying all over the place  when you cut and fill them.

 For the chocolate sauce you can use acrylic paint in a chocolate colour.

Tip : If you like your profiteroles filled with crème patisserie    ( custard) rather than with whipped cream you can simple turn your cream into custard by mixing in a tiny little bit of yellow acrylic paint with your snow paint or whatever you are using for your cream.

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