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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A souffle that will not flop.

Soufflé that will hold its  shape.

 This is a very easy  recipe using foam board and amber colour glass paint  as  basic ingredients.  For the soufflé use the thickest foam board you can find. The thicker the foam the higher your soufflé will be.

You will also need :
A soufflé dish.
Please note that it is very important that you use the soufflé dish  to make the circle with when you cut the round shape out of the foam board or your soufflé may not fit.
 Oil pastels or chalk in a pastry color. You can use watercolors but I prefer the more subtle shades of the chalks or pastels

Take your souffle dish , hold it upside down and press it gently into the foam board   making  sure  to flatten the foam  as little as possible for with  a soufflé it is the higher the better ! 

Use a knife to remove the round shape for your souffle from the foam board.

Colour your soufflé with the oil pastels . Just rub the pastels or chalk into the foam board. If you like you can use water colors as well . It may help to use a moist brush to apply the pastels or chalk, 

When you add the colouring  use a just a little bit of colour or your soufflé will look burned. 

When the soufflé is dry after colouring, you can glue it into the dish. Leave alone till the glue has dried.

  Then paint the top of your soufflé with a really thin layer of glass paint, it should not be too shiny.  When the paint has dried, you can cut the top ( just a small cut) with your craft knife and slightly open up the cut area to give it that cracked  center  that soufflés often have.   Give the now exposed foam a hint of colour with your oil pastels.

Tip : for an even more  impressive soufflé you can glue two layers of foam board together. But please note that it can take a long time ( like 12 hours) for the glue to dry between the foam board layers.

Icing sugar will   look very good on a soufflé. Use a very  thin layer of  Mod Podge  and sprinkle some   talcum powder over the soufflé. Leave to dry and blow off excess.

An other tip is to cut the top of your soufflé  with a knife in several places  and slightly opening up the cuts.  Use your chalks or pastels to create a little bit of color on the now exposed areas. This will make your soufflé  look a bit more rustic.

I am sure your soufflé with look  awesome and there is no risk at all of it collapsing before you serve it.

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