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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Some more candle making. tips

A while ago  I shared my tips for making candles using erasers. Here is a link to that tutorial.

When I bought some new pens today I noticed that the protective caps fit my little candles perfectly. So tons of  new ways to use my candles. I used a pink cap for this photo because it shows up better. But you can use any color you like, clear ones look brilliant too. I added a bow and some  ittle flowers to make it into a little arrangement to go on a table.

On the bottom shelf ( right) you will see a similar cap with a little picture decoupaged  on it . It looks a bit religious now. I added a similar picture to a candle as well.

Then I played with some candles and plates. Glued the candles to the plates and decorated around them with some sand and tiny shells.

I wanted to try and fill a shell with some wax as well and turn it into a candle. Instead of the wax I used tacky glue. Much easier and less risk of burns .

The cups ar done in the same way. Here is how it works :

Select a cup ( any kind you like )  or whatever other container you feel like using. You will also need a cotton thread for the wick.

Glue the wick to the bottom of your cup at the center. Leaving a long tail. Leave to dry for a while and then fill up the cup with Tacky glue

Leave to dry at least overnight. Glue will shrink quite a bit so you may have to top it up with glue  one more time. Check that the wick is upright !!

The dried glue will become clear so you will see the color of your cup. If you want to have colored wax just paint the top with some glass paint or nailpolish. Cut the wick to the right size.

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