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Friday, December 2, 2016

A little shop that sells Sea shells

I wanted a  place where I could show off some of the tiny sea shells from my collection but it had to be small  and take up now room whatshowever. That is how  She Sellls Sea Shells was born.

It is a wall hanging shop that is only about 3 inches deep.

I bought a cheap picture frame ( thrift shop)  with the glass  and a wooden back to get started with.
I had seen the idea ( I cannot remember where, sorry) of making a shopfront by gluying the wood parts to a piece of glass so I would not have to add glass behind the door and window  and I would not have to do any real building.

I took the frame apart so I could use the wood for my shop.  
This shows the idea of gluing the wood part to the glass. I used a ready made door frame and window frame and some odd  pieces of wood and strips from the picture frame for mine but this gives the idea.

While the glue was drying I made a frame to add behind the front to create a little bit of depth for the shop. This was going to be finished with  the wooden  back of the window frame later.

To give the idea of there really being a shop I added some glass shelves behind the window. I also put wallpaper on the wood for the back of the shop and I painted the inside of the wooden frame to make sure it would look nice when you looked through the windows.

I painted the outside of the shop in a soft colour that would match the shells. For the stone parts I started with gluing on crumpled tissue paper.  The woodwork was painted with a brush  while the brick was sponge painted with white and the pink color.

 You have to fill the shop before adding the back which feels a bit odd.  I learned that it is very important to glue everything down  very well and check a few times before you add the back !

For sale  are little shell pictures that I made myself. Some paintings made from printies I found on the net.  The two boats came from broken ships in bottles that I got for free at the thrift shop.  The lovely shell decorations outside and   behind the door where vintage brooches  that I found at a fleamarket.

 There are lose shells and the little mermaid was once a Barbie pencil topper.  Her tail is stiffened fabric  painted and decorated  and she also got a bit of a make over.

I left the whole thing for a few days to see if I liked it and then I took the final steps.

   I glued the shop front to the frame and the back behind the frame and I felt very pleased when it all fitted and looked good.

 When all the glue had dried , I added the pavement  as well just to make it feel like the shop was not floating but standing.

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