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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spooktacular mini wreath

I made this Spooktacular mini wreath for halloween. The basic materials are an old wicker wreath, a hatbox that fits behind the wreath,  a cheap plastic building with a flat back , some christmas trees and various halloween decorations.

 What I started with: this plastic house inspired  the whole project .  I found the house at a fleamarket . I am sure you will be able to find something different but suitable.
 I added some paint. to make it look a bit better . Some orange glass paint on the window panes added a nice effect.
This is the wreath : an old damaged one from the garden, painted a dark grey.
 The house got placed inside the hatbox to add depth.  Cut out silhouettes of trees help to create the right look. The house is standing on a piece of craft foam. I used a knife to create a stone effect and some steps. Painted the whole thing in different shades of grey.
 Nearly finished :  To add more depth I added some christmas trees that had turned black over the years ( do not ask me why ) . I spread a little grey paint over them to make them look more spooky. On the right there is  a tree made out of wire and flower tape. Also painted in shades of grey. Then I added some moss and lichen and  halloween decorations. And there you go.

Ps I made a hole in the top of a box and put in a tea light candle. The flame is pointing downwards through the hole  ( you can see it in the photo above) . It is hidden by the paper moon shape and the battery case is hidden by the wreath. You can reach the switch to turn it on and off.

Decorations close up.

For full instructions and list of all materials used  please check :

 Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, issue  41
The article about this project got published in this magazine.

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