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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A whole year of outfits for Eric

This year a little procelain baby boy called Eric has helped me model  my patterns.

The patterns were done for American Miniaturist  magazine and have been published allover 2014 

The patterns are all done in crochet and would fit a standard porcelain baby. But each pattern comes with tips to adapt the pattern to both bigger and smaller babies. 

 This is Eric in spring. His outft plus the seed pod and flowers are all done in crochet.

I adapted the pattern to fit a little rubber baby and placed the whole ensemble in plastic bauble .

Eric's winter outfit was the first in the series.  I think he looks really snug.

This Christmas version is part of the same article in AM. He is wearing the white suit but with a fabric hat  . The sleeping bag in the shape of a christmas stocking is fabric too.

For summer Eric got a 4th of July outfit to celebrate in style.

The pattern has the bunting, top hat and beanie.

And then ofcourse there was autumn. We had a real Indian Summer and  Eric loved it.
I love this outfit especially the tiny shoes.

Eric showing off a blanket and cap I made .

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