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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The easiest little dollies ever

To make the easiest ever little dolls  all you need is some clothspins. I used mini ones but  the fun  part here is that you can make bigger dolls by just using bigger clothes pins

. You take them apart and glue the wood pieces  together back to back. And there is your basic doll shape.

Cut a pice of fabric that is big enough to wrap around the body. Tip : non fray is best ! A smaller piece to use for the collar and two small scraps for the sleeves/arms.

Then it is just a matter of wrapping and glueing with Tacky Glue. The sleeves are rolled up and glued to her sides. 

  If you have some thin stretchy fabric you can also make a  dress by gathering the top of the dress before you glue the dress to the doll. This gives some more shape to the dress. Sleeves can be done in the same way as for the first dress. The doll in pink wears a dress like this.

Add hair and a little face  and shoes if you like.

There is a second and even easier way to dress your little dollies.

 Look for paper dresses on the tnet, like the ones you use for card making or dressing paper dolls. 
Print them to the right size and all you have to do is cut them out and glue them to your dolls.

If you print on stiff paper and at a piece of Velcro to the doll and the clothes you can even have your very own mini dress up doll to play with.


  1. The clothespin dolls are brilliant! I can see using these in a toy shop to help fill the shelves. Your ideas are always so clever!

  2. Thanks.! I want to try and do some more things with them

  3. Found you in the fb group Hints and tips how cute are these !!! Thx for sharing

  4. Fabbylous idea. You are so inspiring. Thaks for sharing.💟